We are counted amongst the leading Direct Dyes Manufacturers and Chemical Dyes Exporters in the industry. Direct Dyes are heavily used for dyeing functions. This Dyes are used on cotton, paper, leather, wool, silk and nylon. Direct Dyes are water soluble substantive dyes. Direct Dyes cover the entire shade gamut and are easy to apply. direct dyes are water soluble substantive dyes. Rung direct dyes cover the entire shade gamut and are easy to apply. They have good levelling property and are cost effective. In general, they may be applied on cotton by any method and most of the dyes in the Rung direct range are even suitable for package dyeing of cotton yarn. Rung direct dyes can also be used to dye jute and coir. Direct dyes are soluble in water. The fastness properties of direct dyes poor but it can be improve by after treatment. Direct Dyes are used in the Textile Industries, Leather as well as Paper and available in liquide form. Direct Dyes, Direct Yellow, Direct Orange, Direct Blue, Direct Green, Direct Red, Direct Black, Direct Violet,Napthol,Naphthol,Fast Bases,Fast Colour Bases,Fast Colour Salts,Fast Salts,Fast Black K Salt,Fast Orange RD Salt,Fast Red TR Base,Fast Blue B Base,Fast Blue,Fast Red,Dianisidine Pigment,basic dyes, Organic Pigment,Organic Pigments,Pigment Emulsion,Pigment Dispersion,Pigment Red,Pigment Yellow,Pigment Orange,Pigment Orange 16,Acid Black, Pigment Red 112, Pigment Red 170, oraganic pigment.